Renovated Coogan Playground in Manor Park is Re-Opened

On September 9, 2010, Mayor Alberto G. Santos, the Town Council and the Recreation Commission formally reopened Coogan Playground in Manor Park, located in Kearny on West Bennett Avenue between Hamilton Avenue and Jefferson Street. Coogan Playground is the latest Kearny playground to be updated and modernized. The 16,400 square foot playground (0.38 acres) includes two play structures for children ages 3 to 5 and 5 to 12 years old and a swing structure with handicap accessibility. The park also includes new landscaping, retaining walls, decorative bench seating, decorative trash receptacles, decorative rubberized safety surface for the play structures and light fixtures which help create an attractive area for toddlers, young children, their parents and neighborhood residents.

Neglia Engineering Associates designed the new playground and was the construction manager for the project. Community meetings and neighborhood workshops organized by Mayor Santos and Third Ward Council Members Carol Jean Doyle and Eileen Eckel generated valuable suggestions that were used in the final design. The construction contract was competitively bid to Z-Tech Contracting. The total cost of the project, approximately $188,000.00, was funded entirely through a New Jersey Green Acres grant and loan.

According to Mayor Santos, “Grant funding has enabled the Town of Kearny to invest over $1 million in our parks and recreation areas this year alone. It is exciting to see these open spaces improved for recreational uses.”

Standing, from left to right: Council Members Albino Cardoso, Michael Landy, Alexa Arce, Susan McCurrie and Carol Jean Doyle, Recreation Commissioners Lyla DeCastro-Lawdanski and Jerry Ficeto, Mayor Alberto Santos and Town Engineer Kevin O'Sullivan.