Mayor Alberto G. Santos Issues Proclamation to Franklin School for Lupus Awareness Education Initiatives

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On Tuesday, September 25, 2018, during the Regular Meeting of the Mayor and Town Council, Mayor Alberto G. Santos issued a Proclamation recognizing Franklin School for their ongoing Lupus Awareness initiatives and efforts to educate the school community, teachers, students and staff about Lupus and the needs for research funding, accurate diagnosis, and effective treatments that will lead to a cure for this devastating illness that affects so many people. Lupus is a disease of the autoimmune system, one in which the system attacks healthy cells and tissues by mistake. The chronic inflammatory disease can affect various parts of the body, especially skin, joints, blood and kidneys.  Women get it more often than men and it is more common in African-American, Hispanic, Asian and Native American women.  Its cause is unknown and while it can be fatal, those with Lupus can expect to live a normal lifespan.  To learn more about Lupus or get involved, visit or

Photos by Barbara Goldberg