Town Environmental Group “Kearny Awake” plants trees at Vet’s Field

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On June 9th, Kearny Awake (Association of Water, Agriculture and Kearny’s Environment) planted trees on Vet’s Field near Passaic Avenue as the group’s first green infrastructure project.   The planting of trees at Vet’s Field is the first step towards a project to help reduce storm water runoff onto our streets and into our waterways and systems in the Passaic River area.   Thanks to Dave Mach, Chris Vasquez, Anthony DeLuca from Kearny Bank and the Kearny Rotary Club, Jane Mackesy from the Woman’s Club of Arlington, Patricia Hester Fearon and her Lincoln School 4-H Club, Councilwoman Susan McCurrie and Alma Hidelgo from NJ Future who participated in the project.         

Made up of local community residents and business representatives, Kearny Awake was formed with the purpose of protecting Kearny waterways and environment, and reducing water pollution through education, community engagement and green infrastructure projects.  Kearny Awake also partners with the non-profit group NJ Future which promotes sensible growth and redevelopment and the protection of natural lands and waterways.