Hudson Regional After Hours On Call Noise Measurement Investigation Town Of Kearny

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HRHC agrees to provide the Town of Kearny, specifically Health Officer Ken Pincus, with a dedicated Investigator Robert Sasso and a contact phone number to respond to a noise complaint generated by a resident of Kearny after normal business hours.

1)   Health Officer Ken Pincus will post the contact number on the Kearny Health Department’s website for the public to call if a noise complaint occurs after normal business hours.

2)   HRHC will provide Investigator Robert Sasso for after hours on call response beginning on Thursday, October 5, 2017 and will end after hours on call service program on Monday, November 7, 2017.

3)   The procedure for reporting a noise complaint after hours is as follows:

A)   Complainant will call the complaint phone number. 401-366-4742(HRHC)

B)   Investigator Sasso will speak with complainant and provide an estimated time of arrival at complainant address.

C)   Investigator Sasso will respond to complainant address to conduct modified noise measurement readings.

D)   The complainant must provide investigator Sasso with a contact number and complainant property address.

E)   Complainant must allow Investigator Sasso to conduct noise measurement readings at the location where the noise is most amplified as determined by Investigator Sasso. This may include inside of the complainant’s property or outside of the complainant’s property. The complainant will remain at the property until the noise measurement readings have been completed.

4)   Complaints must have a complainant and may not be anonymous or phoned in by a third party.

5)   Due to the length of time required to follow procedures of noise measurement, it may only be possible for one noise investigation per night.   HRHC will document all subsequent complaints on that night to be included in the report even if measurements cannot be taken due to time constraints.

6)   HRHC encourages any Kearny resident impacted and affected by noise coming from Newark, New Jersey to keep a journal including the day and date of the noise, time the noise began, duration of noise, and the time the noise ended.