Town of Kearny Information

The Town of Kearny is situated in the northwest corner of Hudson County where it meets Bergen and Essex Counties. The Hackensack and Passaic Rivers, respectively, form the Town’s eastern and western boundaries. Kearny is bounded by the Hackensack River/Jersey City on the east, East Newark/Harrison on the south, the Passaic River/ Belleville on the west, and North Arlington on the north. Its location is: Latitude 40:45:05 N, Longitude 74:07:11 W.

Important Topics

Access & Transportation

The Town enjoys access to a number of highways, including the NJ Turnpike from north to south and Interstate Route 280 from east to west. There are also easy access to the Garden State Parkway, another north to south highway, as well as US Routes 1 & 9, 3, 7, 17 and 21; all providing excellent linkages to the New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Boston, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Baltimore, and Washington DC metropolitan regions, and all greatly enhancing access to the region’s metropolitan markets.

Work is currently underway to connect two county roadways, Schuyler Avenue and the Newark-Jersey City Turnpike, a.k.a., Harrison Avenue, by extending Kearny’s Bergen Avenue east/southeast by approximately one-half mile through a designation redevelopment area in the Hackensack Meadowlands.

The Town is within a few minutes of the Hudson River waterfront, Newark International Airport, Teterboro Airport, and Ports Newark and Elizabeth.

Land Use

The total area of Kearny is 10.19 square miles, of which 9.14 sq. mi. is land area and 1.05 sq. mi is water area. The 9.14 square miles within the Town’s boundaries are divided into three- (3) broad sections, referred to locally as the “Uplands”, the “Hackensack Meadowlands” and “South Kearny”.

Of the total land area, an estimated 21% is residential and commercial and 20% is industrial. The Hackensack Meadowlands area covers approximately 59%, or 5.5 square miles, of the Town’s land area. While properties in this area are assessed by the Town and taxes are collected by the Town, such properties are under the control of the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission relative to development and all capital improvements as well as planning and zoning issues.


The Town’s principal industrial area is situated on the South Kearny peninsula, at the confluence of the Hackensack and Passaic Rivers at Newark Bay. The Pulaski Skyway and US Routes 1 and 9 cross over, or run through, the South Kearny industrial area. This area is also home to a major CS/X inter-modal facility, and other rail access is available for freight, and if justified, commuting.


The principal commercial and shopping areas stretch along Kearny Avenue, Kearny’s “ Main Street”, the principal thoroughfare running through the Town, as well as the southern end of Passaic Avenue. This area of Passaic has recently been designated as one of the Town’s Redevelopment areas. There are also commercial and retail businesses along Schuyler Avenue as well as the Newark-Jersey City Turnpike.


The residential area is in the eastern and northwestern portions of the Town, the “Uplands”. Some sections are graced with fine Victorian and manor homes; others have homes indicative of a suburban community. A number of multi-family dwellings are scattered throughout the residential area, and the town maintains a fair amount of two (2) family homes. Single-family units account for 32.5% of the total housing stock, while 57.2% consists of multi-family structures fewer than 10 units in size. 10.2% of the housing units are multi-family apartment buildings.