Town Government

The Town of Kearny, incorporated in 1898, is a residential, commercial and industrial community, with urban suburban characteristics, that is poised to become a 21 st Century leader in commercial and retail sales and a hub for global operations. Within a mere radius of 250 miles lies one of the richest markets for goods and services in the nation. A number of States as well as over 60 million consumers are all within overnight delivery range of Kearny's producers.

Kearny is surrounded by an enormous concentration of purchasing power, disposable income, and goods and services production. Projections suggest that this translates into the potential for reaching over 20% of the nation's net effective buying power, nearly $800 billion. Approximately 18% of the nation's retail sales, or $255 billion, are derived from these nearby markets. Further, these markets boast one of the highest household incomes in the country, an average of $66,900 per household. As a focal point of these markets, Kearny represents an outstanding staging area for all types of good, products, and services.

Kearny's proximity to the nation's richest markets is overwhelmingly enhanced by its strategic location. Kearny is the epicenter of the Northeast marketplace; the bridge to regional, national and global commerce. Kearny offers access to major highways, world-class air facilities, water ports, and national rail links.

Over the past 11 years, Kearny has implemented one of New Jersey’s most successful Urban Enterprise Zone programs. Kearny’s Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ) is unique because it encompasses both retail and industrial sales sectors. Retail sales immediately jumped in Kearny when the UEZ program was implemented during the 1992 Christmas shopping season. And funds from a rapid increase in retail business are being used to make major improvements in the town’s infrastructure, public safety and security and in the shopping district’s overall aesthetic appearance. Presently, as Hudson County continues its economic expansion and continues to attract an influx of domestic and global businesses, Kearny has included additional acres of land into its UEZ to further stimulate commercial development. This expanded UEZ will offer business-to-business product suppliers a primary hub for relocation and for locating sales operations.

Kearny will receive even more recognition as the result of the planned infrastructure and ongoing Streetscape improvements that it is undertaking as well as the implementation of its Redevelopment Plans for Passaic and Schuyler Avenues and its over all Zone Strategic Redevelopment Plan.

Although Kearny is experiencing large-scale business growth, its industrial and residential/commercial sections are geographically separated, and that makes this town a great place to both live and work.