Street Sweeping

The DPW sweeps 48 miles of municipal roads using an alternate side sweeping ordinance. Streets are swept to remove unsightly litter and debris from the road and to reduce the amount of litter that get washed into catch basins and, eventually, local rivers. The sweeping program runs through the entire year, weather permitting. The street sweeping program is enforced by Violations Officers issuing tickets to cars parked in violation of the ordinance. Signs are posted along the route indicating the prohibited times for parking.

Important Topics

Business District Sweeping

Each side of the road in the “business district” is swept twice weekly: Monday and Tuesday and then again on Thursday and Friday between 7:00am -8:00am. There is no business district sweeping on Wednesday. The business district consists of the entire length of Kearny Avenue, Elm Street from the railroad tracks to Midland Avenue and Midland Avenue from Kearny Avenue to Davis Avenue.

Residential Area

Residential streets are swept Monday to Thursday. Signs indicating the hours when parking is prohibited are posted in each sweeping route.

Winter Sweeping

Sweeping is suspended during snow storms and until snow and/or ice is sufficiently cleared from the curbline to allow for the sweeping program to resume.