Sewer Maintenance

Sanitary Sewers: Sanitary sewers carry wastewater from homes and businesses to the Passaic Valley Sewerage Authority plant in Newark for treatment. The Kearny DPW maintains these sewer lines which are usually located in the street. It is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain and do any repairs on the lateral sewer line, which runs between the property and the main sewer line in the street. In the event of a back up into a house, contact the Kearny DPW and the main sewer line will be inspected for blockages. In the event of a blockage in the main line, equipment will be used to clear the blockage and restore the flow of waste through the system. If the main line is flowing properly, the blockage is in the homeowner’s lateral connection and the homeowner must contract with a plumber to clear that line.

Several areas of Kearny are serviced with sanitary water pumping stations because they are located in low areas and the waste will not flow by gravity alone.

Important Topics

Catch Basins

Catch basins are located along Kearny streets and are the entry point for storm water into the storm sewer system. While the basin “catches” some of the litter, dirt and debris that gets washed into the system, a certain amount of this debris gets into the storm sewers and ends up in the rivers. Catch basins are periodically cleaned of accumulated debris to minimize the amount of debris washing into the storm sewers and to insure an unobstructed flow of storm water through the system.
Residents are encouraged to call the DPW and report any catch basin that appears to need cleaning. Catch basins are NOT garbage receptacles! The catch basins are not meant to be receptacles for litter, garbage, soda cans, leaves and dog waste. This type of material, when deposited in catch basins, is a direct source of the pollution to our rivers and oceans.

Storm Sewers

Storm sewers take the runoff from rain and melting snow and eventually discharge this water into the Passaic and Hackensack Rivers. Most storm water enters the sewers through “catch basins” or “inlets” that are located along the streets. Generally, storm water from Kearny, east of Kearny Avenue, enters Frank Creek and is discharged in the Passaic River. Storm water from Kearny, west of Kearny Avenue is discharged at various points along the Passaic River. Storm water from South Kearny and developed areas of the Kearny meadows generally is discharged into the Hackensack River.