Swift911 Alerting System

The Town of Kearny has contracted the services of Swift911 for a Community Emergency Alerting System that may be used to notify all residents of the town in the event of an emergency. We have also contracted with Verizon to obtain the 9-1-1 Database. This database contains every direct dial landline telephone number in the Town of Kearny. The Verizon 9-1-1 Database at this time does not capture cellular phones, or some Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone numbers. This registration process will allow you to register your cellular, and/or VOIP phone numbers with your address. This will ensure that you are on the list to receive notifications from our Community Alerting System.

The Community Alerting System, also known as Swift 9-1-1, is an automated system that calls homes and businesses to notify them about serious emergencies with a Swift 911 app.

Mobile App: The Mobile App is available for download on iPhone, Android, and Windows phones. Use your username and password from above to log in and quickly launch alerts from anywhere, anytime, right on your phone

NOTE: When registration below is completed, please identify your physical address. P.O. Box addresses are not acceptable. Follow the link below by clicking on the logo for Enrollment

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Swift 911 registration
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